Elevating Online Store User Experience

High level user experience is paramount for a successful online store. Developed with the latest version of PrestaShop, Laudete’s website excels in providing an intuitive interface. It also features superior web design that effectively communicates the essence of the brand.

Defining Success Through Design

When your product is high-class jewelry, your brand’s essence is intricately tied to design and quality. Ensuring that your website reflects this is essential for establishing a genuine connection with your ideal clients. With Laudete, we selected a clean and sophisticated aesthetic, incorporating natural colors and providing the perfect backdrop to enhance the overall brand experience.


Enabling a Global Marketing Vision

As Laudete continues to achieve remarkable success, its French-based store consistently garners orders from customers spanning the globe. In order to effectively meet this extensive global demand, we have crafted an efficient online store that operates seamlessly, regardless of the geographic location of the brand’s esteemed clientele.


Simplifying the Purchasing Journey

Customers have come to expect seamless purchasing process from any online store. Our website, meticulously crafted to align with Laudete’s exceptional product offerings, exemplifies the utmost attention to detail. From an intuitive interface and user-friendly design to tailored customizations, we ensure a seamless experience that reflects the company’s dedication to excellence.


The Training Lab: Only Results Matter

Designed & developed for a premier sports coach in Monaco, The Training Lab’s website offers a seamless registration experience and a waitlist functionality. Its refined design aims to encourage web visitors to take immediate action towards booking a session—because in the mindset of a champion, only results matter.

Superior Presentation

The Training Lab Monaco’s business & website caters to athletes and high-profile sports personalities with discerning expectations, so it needs to reflect the superior services provided.
This is achieved via a contemporary approach featuring a sleek black and white design, geometric fonts and shapes, and a strong emphasis on credibility factors.


Increase in Sales

Strategic placement of key functionalities resulted in a significant increase in direct online sales for Training Lab’s website. The wireframe’s intuitive design facilitates easy scheduling and communication.
If a training session has reached its capacity, the waitlist feature enables individuals to sign up and be invited in the event of a cancellation by someone else. Capturing visitors’ contacts also supports the marketing process, ultimately resulting in higher conversions.


Flawless Backend Process

The operational part of a service business is what determines customer satisfaction beyond the quality of the core offering.
By incorporating seamless backend systems, we allowed the coaches in Training Lab Monaco to easily follow up on & modify registrations, invoice clients and keep all communication clear, relevant & inviting.


PhytoQuant: Amazon Store, Product Listings & Ads Optimisation

PhytoQuant is a natural food supplement brand from Monaco, now successfully selling on Amazon. Infini Digital agency helped launch their brand on Amazon, adding products, designing their Amazon store, optimising product listings, managing ads and dealing with Amazon policies and procedures for health products.


Successful advertising on Amazon

Our digital agency successfully managed Amazon advertising campaigns for PhytoQuant, natural health supplement brand from Monaco, resulting in increased products visibility, more sales, and a higher ROI.


UX-friendly Amazon store

Infini Digital created a UX-friendly Amazon store with easy and quick navigation, incorporating all the features necessary for a seamless customer experience. We also ensured consistent branding across the PhytoQuant store to improve brand recognition and recall for users.


Amazon product listing optimization

We optimized Amazon product listings for PhytoQuant by enhancing their product pictures, Amazon bullet points, product description and titles, resulting in higher visibility, better conversion rate and increased sales on the platform.


Giannotti Monaco: Seamless User Experience

Giannotti Monaco is an eco-friendly clothing store. Using materials such as recycled coffee grinds and respun cashmere from old sweaters, they craft beautiful new garments. Given their environmentally friendly identity, it seemed only apt to ensure that their website presented a natural, intuitive user experience.

A Vision Turned to Reality

To create a striking and free-flowing site, we used a custom design built using the Shopify platform. This allowed us full creative control. As a result, the whole site has a more ‘natural’ feel than other sites that seem formulaic. This instantly resonated with the ideal customers of the brand.


Pixel Perfect However You View It

For a premium clothing retailer, sharp and distinctive photography is a must. Giannotti Monaco requested that the site be ‘pixel perfect’, and we ensured just that. Not only does the site look beautiful on a monitor, but its adaptive design means that it pops on phone or tablet screens too.


Made for Customers

It’s important not to lose sight of who the site is actually for – the customer. The purchasing process should flow just as easily as the website design. Utilizing the right plugins, we were able to complete the flawless customer experience we were looking for.


YouDome: Innovation Beyond Limits

YouDome’s 3D body scanner creates virtual representations of patients, helping top athletes receive accurate diagnoses. It supports faster recovery, allows ultra-optimizing training, and improves communication between doctors and patients. For this project, the website needed to reflect the innovative, detail-oriented nature of the product.

Cutting-Edge Design

The YouDome website boasts a futuristic design crafted with the aid of an extensive online 3D library. Its dark tones evoke a high-end, luxurious experience, while geometric shapes communicate innovation.
Functionality remains paramount, evidenced by a clean, well-organized navigator and intuitive menu.


The Multilingual Factor

Localization aims to give a website the feel of having been created for the target market, minimizing local sensitivities. Creating a multilingual website can also impact readability, a crucial factor about the quality of user experience.
Leveraging our UX design proficiency, we crafted the YouDome website to be relevant, engaging, and functional for all users.


Fast, Responsive, Interactive

YouDome required an interactive website with multiple functionalities. To respond to their needs, we created a custom design, responsive to desktop & mobile devices, loading promptly and enticing users to explore the world of optimized physical performance.
The website is primed to distribute valuable information to its intended audience and generate leads.