The Training Lab: Only Results Matter

Designed & developed for a premier sports coach in Monaco, The Training Lab’s website offers a seamless registration experience and a waitlist functionality. Its refined design aims to encourage web visitors to take immediate action towards booking a session—because in the mindset of a champion, only results matter.

Superior Presentation

The Training Lab Monaco’s business & website caters to athletes and high-profile sports personalities with discerning expectations, so it needs to reflect the superior services provided.
This is achieved via a contemporary approach featuring a sleek black and white design, geometric fonts and shapes, and a strong emphasis on credibility factors.

Increase in Sales

Strategic placement of key functionalities resulted in a significant increase in direct online sales for Training Lab’s website. The wireframe’s intuitive design facilitates easy scheduling and communication.
If a training session has reached its capacity, the waitlist feature enables individuals to sign up and be invited in the event of a cancellation by someone else. Capturing visitors’ contacts also supports the marketing process, ultimately resulting in higher conversions.

Flawless Backend Process

The operational part of a service business is what determines customer satisfaction beyond the quality of the core offering.
By incorporating seamless backend systems, we allowed the coaches in Training Lab Monaco to easily follow up on & modify registrations, invoice clients and keep all communication clear, relevant & inviting.