YouDome: Innovation Beyond Limits

YouDome’s 3D body scanner creates virtual representations of patients, helping top athletes receive accurate diagnoses. It supports faster recovery, allows ultra-optimizing training, and improves communication between doctors and patients. For this project, the website needed to reflect the innovative, detail-oriented nature of the product.

Cutting-Edge Design

The YouDome website boasts a futuristic design crafted with the aid of an extensive online 3D library. Its dark tones evoke a high-end, luxurious experience, while geometric shapes communicate innovation.
Functionality remains paramount, evidenced by a clean, well-organized navigator and intuitive menu.

The Multilingual Factor

Localization aims to give a website the feel of having been created for the target market, minimizing local sensitivities. Creating a multilingual website can also impact readability, a crucial factor about the quality of user experience.
Leveraging our UX design proficiency, we crafted the YouDome website to be relevant, engaging, and functional for all users.

Fast, Responsive, Interactive

YouDome required an interactive website with multiple functionalities. To respond to their needs, we created a custom design, responsive to desktop & mobile devices, loading promptly and enticing users to explore the world of optimized physical performance.
The website is primed to distribute valuable information to its intended audience and generate leads.