Giannotti Monaco: Seamless User Experience

Giannotti Monaco is an eco-friendly clothing store. Using materials such as recycled coffee grinds and respun cashmere from old sweaters, they craft beautiful new garments. Given their environmentally friendly identity, it seemed only apt to ensure that their website presented a natural, intuitive user experience.

A Vision Turned to Reality

To create a striking and free-flowing site, we used a custom design built using the Shopify platform. This allowed us full creative control. As a result, the whole site has a more ‘natural’ feel than other sites that seem formulaic. This instantly resonated with the ideal customers of the brand.

Pixel Perfect However You View It

For a premium clothing retailer, sharp and distinctive photography is a must. Giannotti Monaco requested that the site be ‘pixel perfect’, and we ensured just that. Not only does the site look beautiful on a monitor, but its adaptive design means that it pops on phone or tablet screens too.

Made for Customers

It’s important not to lose sight of who the site is actually for – the customer. The purchasing process should flow just as easily as the website design. Utilizing the right plugins, we were able to complete the flawless customer experience we were looking for.